Nutritional Ketosis & Science

The Safety and Benefits of Low Carbohydrate Nutrition

While Virta’s approach to reversing type 2 diabetes goes well beyond a nutritional intervention, one of the critical components of our care plan is limiting carbohydrate intake to within each individual’s level of tolerance. In other words, we regard type...

/ March 8, 2017

The Supporting Science of Carbohydrate Restriction

At Virta, we apply a science- and evidence-based approach to everything we do. Our co-founders Dr. Steve Phinney and Dr. Jeff Volek have a combined 60 years of research and clinical experience in the areas of metabolic disease and physiology....

/ March 8, 2017

Why Medical Supervision Matters When Reversing Diabetes

One of the surprises patients often mention after joining Virta is how quickly their metabolic health improves. As we outline in our peer-reviewed paper, 56% of our clinical trial participants had a HbA1c below the diabetic threshold of 6.5% after...

/ March 8, 2017