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It can be difficult to adhere to a low carb lifestyle while celebrating your favorite holidays. Potlucks, parties, and ubiquitous cookies and desserts can create added temptations, but there are low-carb recipes that can substitute for just about anything. Below are 10 low carb recipes that will please the whole family!

A note for safety: We do not recommend that people with diabetes or prediabetes make large-scale dietary changes without medical supervision, especially if taking medications for diabetes or blood pressure. Reducing carbohydrate consumption can decrease blood glucose and blood pressure, and a physician can help safely adjust medications so that blood glucose or blood pressure don’t get too low. Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and hypotensive (low blood pressure) episodes can be very dangerous.


Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Spiced Nuts


Scalloped Turnips


Mushroom Sage Rolled Turkey Breast


Golden Roast Chicken with Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary

Cheesy Mushroom Risotto


Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Walnut Crust

Fresh Mint Chocolate Truffles



Moscow Mule


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    I would love to have more options on recipes.


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    I would love to have more options on recipes and I am interested in learning all that I can about the keto lifestyle.


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      Thanks for your comment! We’re planning on adding more recipe content, especially around holidays. Follow our blog to see more. We also have a few posts on recipes here:


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    What exactly is KETO? I am type 2


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      We have a video series here on reversing diabetes that might help you learn more:


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    Errata: PDF recipe for Cheesy Mushroom Risotto is missing half the directions.


    1. Virta Health

      Thank you so much for catching that! We are working on fixing it now.


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