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The Ohio State University’s Food Innovation Center and Virta co-founders Dr. Stephen Phinney and Dr. Jeff Volek worked together to convene a group of prominent scientists and researchers to discuss low carbohydrate nutrition research. The conference was hosted by the OSU Food Innovation Center and video recordings were sponsored by Virta Health. OSU and Virta have together decided to make these videos free and available to the public.

John Ramsey, Ph.D is a professor and researcher at UC Davis in the School of Veterinary Medicine Department of Molecular Biosciences. Dr. Ramsey’s research is focused on how nutrition and energy metabolism affect aging.

Watch his presentation here:

You can find all of the conference videos here and at the Food Innovation Center.

Speakers at the conference covered a range of topics, including research on treatment strategies for diabetes, cancer, metabolic, heart, and brain disorders, the nutritional guidelines and public policy, research intothe molecular functions of ketones, athletic performance, and more.


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    It is great to see how The Ketogenic lifestyle has so many benefits. You feel great and the inflammation in your body is lower.


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    And once again, another doctor who doesn’t really understand chemistry and biology. For one, the fat that gets converted to ketones all derive from glucose. We make our own triglycerides via consumption of various types of sugars or things that convert to glucose (starch, fructose, lactose, etc.). This is the only way we get fats, we make them – dietary fats are useless, mostly either cooked, rancid, oxidized or all of the above in one meal.

    Second, any “doctor” who does testing on mice et al is living in the dark ages and didn’t get the memo that this shows nil as to how humans metabolize – it’s largely about lifespans and metabolic rates and mice and dogs etc, have vastly different lifespans and metabolic rates than humans – and the math is too exponentially all over the place and incalculable, making it impossible to translate to human health and aging.


    1. Virta Health

      We’d like to start by clarifying the science behind fat metabolism. Triglycerides are synthesized from fatty acids found in dietary fat as well as the result of excess carbohydrate or protein metabolism. The result is storage of excess energy as triacylglycerol (3 fatty acids and a glycerol molecule). Ketone bodies are synthesized from the breakdown of those fatty acids and there is no way for the body to know if the fatty acids initially came from dietary fat or excess carbohydrate intake. Now, there are also Essential Fatty Acids, meaning that they are essential to the body but can only be consumed through dietary fat intake. The body cannot synthesize essential fatty acids on its own, therefore they must be provided via diet.


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